Monday, March 7, 2011

(theses of the anointing service for March)

In our church March bears the name “My pastor. My leader”, and today I would like to speak on the topic: “God of order and responsibility”.

Exodus 39:42-43: The Israelites had done all the work just as the LORD had commanded Moses. Moses inspected the work and saw that they had done it just as the LORD had commanded. So Moses blessed them.

This Scripture reveals amazingly well the fact that God is the God of order and control! God knows the nature of humans and realizes that no work can be done without a system of control. Every idea and plan comes from the Lord, and Chapter 39 of Exodus reveals how God passed His plan to Moses. In turn Moses entrusted this work to the sons of Israel.

The importance of order and control was revealed to Moses. “Moses inspected the work.” We can see that he examined how people were carrying out his assignment. By simply setting a rigid system of control, Moses was able to take responsibility for God’s purpose and fulfill it. “…they had done it just as the LORD had commanded. So Moses blessed them” (verse 43). As we can see the system of control allows us to reach the ideal result and, after all, receive the blessing. In his letter to the Corinthians Apostle Paul tells us that God is the God of order, but often we neglect the truth that God’s perfect order is not possible unless there is a system of control in place. I personally had not deemed it necessary to control people and their work, and for that I paid a high price. Remember the situation with Kings Capital? – I trusted everyone, because I thought that if people were believers, then it would be insulting to them if I checked and controlled their work. But if there is trust, there must be control; it’s not without reason that the Russian proverb says “Trust, but verify”.

In the 2nd book of Chronicles chapter 34 we read the story of the restoration of the walls of God’s temple: “The workers labored faithfully. Over them to direct them were Jahath and Obadiah…” (Verse 12). Notice that people were able to do their work faithfully, the right way, because there was someone to direct them. When we do not control people, we expose them to temptation, unfaithfulness and cheating. However, when people know that their work is being checked, then they work with all responsibility, faithfulness, in a right way, and honestly. They “had charge of the laborers and supervised all the workers from job to job” (verse 13). God gave them watchers, who directed and controlled any work assigned by the Lord.

It is not by accident, my friends, that God created the five-fold ministry. According to Ephesians 4:11-12 He made some apostles, others prophets, some evangelists, pastors, others teachers, and some – leaders. God created leadership in church to carry out control and direct His assignments on earth and spread His Kingdom. Let us treat our pastors with understanding, with due respect and reverence! Pastors, leaders – are those people who must give account to God for the fulfillment of God’s orders, but this is impossible without a system of control. We have to learn this quality. I was building the Embassy of God on a different principle: the main thing was to teach people, to inspire them to do something, and then let everyone do want they want and believe. But in fact, there was a measure of irresponsibility in that. It is not enough to open people the truth and encourage them to do something – it is very important to check how they are moved to the point of execution of what they heard. Due to lack of control the devil was able to strongly attack the Embassy of God during all the crises, especially financially. I taught about finances all without selection, because I thought that everybody wants to glorify God in this area of their lives. In fact, it turned out that that was not the case, there were people who thought more of their own, not of God’s. After that, I repented of such levity and simplicity. I have made some conclusions, made an important decision not only to teach people, but to give them the motivation and inspiration to do God’s work. I have developed a system to help people not to lose the Word they heard, but to be responsible for its execution. That’s why we started to give homework and tests after the leader’s schools for people to give an account of what they heard, and to enable them to examine themselves on how they execute what they heard.

A pastor should always receive feedback from his congregation, because it is what God requires. Romans 13:1: “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Here, the Bible tells us that all authority is established by God, therefore, if we are not submitted to the authorities, the leader, the pastor, we oppose God’s plans and intentions. Submission, humility, accountability, and obedience should be implemented in the church in fullness. Juniors must be obedient to seniors, and seniors should require from juniors execution of what they heard in church. If we teach people how to be good husbands, wives and true believers, we cannot be indifferent regarding how they behave themselves outside the church. Pastors and leaders should require from people that they live according to the doctrine which is preached in the church. If a person does not want to be humble under the mighty hand of God, then it is better to let him go.

That is why now in the "Embassy of God" church I have decided to work personally with people who take responsibility for each of my teachings for each school. By their assignments I can analyze their spiritual growth and how much they live in accordance with the teachings that we give. The system of feedback and control in the church helps us to practically demonstrate Christian principles.

Thanks to this revelation, Pastor Sunday’s system of home groups was created, as well as home groups of other pastors of the church, which closely follow the implementation of tests, private devotions to God, and other tasks. To remain in the pastor’s home group, you should not be a forgetful hearer but a responsible doer.

An important factor in becoming a true Christian is obedience. Surprising as it may be, Jesus himself "Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered " (Hebrews 5:8). Even Jesus, in order to become what He became, it was necessary for Him to develop the skill of obedience. Acquiring a skill is often a difficult process. Painful, unpleasant, but necessary. God will not be able to carry out His will with the help of a man who has no humility or obedience.

Joshua 11:15: As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses.

We can see here 3 Levels of a control system. 1) God gave the task to Moses, who would account for its execution. 2) Moses, in turn gave this task to Joshua, and then controlled his disciple. 3) And Joshua worked with people and directed what they were doing. Only through such a system of control and order can one get a predictable result. Life is predictable when a control system is in place.

I am teaching you about the control system in the month of "My pastor. My leader" for us to learn to respond properly to the demands of our leaders and pastors, and to declare our obedience by taking the relevant actions. After all, pastors will give an account before God for the people entrusted to them. (see Hebrews 13:17) If church leaders do not control their flocks, then firstly, there will be no blessings, and secondly, God will judge them for their irresponsible attitude to the entrusted task.

We already know what it means to pay a heavy price for lack of control. That is why I want to support pastors and church leaders in their intent to provide oversight over the execution of the church teachings. I also want to encourage church members to meet pastor’s requirements: systematically provide reports on tasks, to execute tasks with pleasure, etc., realizing that it is the direct responsibility of leadership to check, to correct, to give right direction and to help to reach the heavenly Jerusalem.

In this month of "My pastor. My leader" we need to understand that obedience to the pastor, to the system of order and control is a Christian system of governance. I pray for us to be obedient not only to the higher authority, but to become the people with the help of whom God can realize His will on Earth. God will trust only to meek, the humble, those who are under control, and those who are able to control the execution of works entrusted to them by the Lord.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

(theses of the anointing service for February)

February is the month of God’s Church and today I would like to preach about the goal and purpose of the church.

Genesis 1:28: And God blessed them. And God said to them, Be fruitful, and multiply and fill the earth, and subdue it. And have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the heavens, and all animals that move upon the earth.

The goal and purpose of the church is to be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth with God’s glory. God’s glory is His principles, God’s glory is His order. God’s glory is His truths, His standards, and His values. This is the glory and these are the qualities that we should fill the earth with.

How do we fill the earth with the glory of God? We take God’s principles – holiness, righteousness, mercy, peace, forgiveness, and all other values and principles, which function within the Kingdom of God, - and spread them throughout the earth, filling it with the culture of heaven. When we fill the earth with the substance of God the Father, the earth then acquires the image of heaven. The more we change the sinful image of earth to the image of heaven, the more successfully we fulfill God’s assignment in filling the earth with His glory; that means every believer has a purpose and a destiny, a calling from God, which is to spread the Kingdom of God in all spheres of their influence.
We have been created and called to bring heaven to earth. The same way Jesus did it: He left heaven (the place of His comfort), to sacrifice Himself and bring God’s values, principles and the reality of God’s presence to earth. This is what Jesus teaches His disciples about the way they should pray in the Gospel from Matthew 6:9-10: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven” (verse 10). Fulfilling this will is the greatest calling and purpose of a local church.

Therefore, no pastor or church can measure themselves and their success in terms of external factors. We must measure our ministry and success based on the abovementioned criteria. We as ministers are as successful as we manage to bring God’s will, His principles, His character and His presence to earth. However, if we do not change the values of this earth and do not transform the culture of our society, we only waste our time, we are just playing religion, and in this case church turns into another club. Also you cannot measure a church by the number of its members, because you can have many people, but still have no influence. Church is not measured by its financial health, because you can have plenty money, but never change the culture and the values of society.

For an administration of the fullness of times, to head up all things in Christ (Ephesians 1:10). Therefore the defining factor in the evaluating activities of a church is the following: does the church bring heaven to the earth? That is why in our church we pay so much attention to ministry outside of the church, for God saves people not only for the sake of people, and the church’s purpose does not end with the saved people. Church is created to be salvation, the pillar, and the truth to the society.

On the 6th of February our church, Embassy of God, turned 17 years old (it used to be called “The Word of Faith” and we used to gather in the conference hall of present NAU). Of course you all know that we are going to celebrate the anniversary from March 31 to April 3, 2011; however, let us see what the Embassy of God church is all about today, and how it carries out its mission as a church.

1. According to Genesis 1:28, undoubtedly with God’s help, the Embassy of God is spreading God’s glory all over Ukraine.

An example of that can be seen in the response of one of our critics, who immigrated to Canada in the 1990s. When he arrived back in Ukraine, he was annoyed and upset that ”everywhere, in every region of Ukraine, from Ivano-Frankivsk to Donetsk, from Chernigiv region to the south point of Crimea, people call everyone, who is not an orthodox believer, a Sunday guy”. According to him it is supposedly the greatest evil that has occurred in Ukraine since it gained independence. He explains this phenomenon by saying that Sunday has advertised himself well… but what seems to be the greatest evil to him, is the greatest compliment to us.

Actually no advertisement can make the whole country believe itself. God is faithful to His word: we have managed to spread the news about God, the living God to all the ends of our country. And this fact shows that we not only need to be fruitful, but also multiply and fill the earth.

2. Nowadays it is hard to find a person in Ukraine, who will not have heard about the Embassy of God.

Even though the rumor may be false, because this is a natural law which no one can avoid. People have spoken ill about all new movements which were in their prime, whether they were religious, social, or political movements, but after a while the persecuted becomes generally accepted, nationally. The same thing will happen with us! The rumor about the Embassy of God has transformed into national folklore, into jokes and anecdotes, and that helps us to spread even more and become a national church.

3. Undoubtedly, millions of people have gone through the Embassy of God.

Many of them now attend churches of other denominations, some do not attend any church at all, but they have all been introduced to God thanks to this church in Ukraine. Only a small part of us has gathered now in Kiev in this hall for the anointing service. At the same time churches in all 300 centers of the population in Ukraine are holding church services. Those are people who used to live outside of God’s principles and therefore were going to spiritually die, but who today are spreading the Kingdom of God in all places.

4. The Embassy of God church plays a concrete role in the formation of the society’s culture.

All the time I hear the youth say that they did not see an example of a happy, healthy family, nor did they possess the right values, until they came to the church; and some of them admit that they believed that drinking and smoking was a norm for our country! However, today it is not a norm anymore; now we have a nation that stands for the healthy lifestyle. Recently, (Praise God!) also not without the actions of the Embassy of God, smoking in public places became prohibited by law. And this year the government banned obscene words in public places. The values of the Kingdom of God are planted in this government in spite of all persecutions. We are creating a new generation (new gene fund), and through the truths of the Kingdom of God, through raising children and adults on the principles of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ is building His Church in Ukraine and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

It is the same way it happened in the life of some Swedish missionaries – two families, who went to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. Today these two families have multiplied so much that according to the latest statistics 50 million Pentecostal followers came out of the church started by these missionaries. At that time those missionaries also suffered persecution, but time puts everything into place. People spoke ill about Jesus, they persecuted Him, and killed him as a villain, though He was not one. But you can never destroy the truth!

Look at Genesis 1:28; it says that church is called to fill the earth with His glory. Here I’d like to give an example of the lives of two people who lived in the same generation (I describe this story in one of my books). One man was called Jonathan Edwards, he was an evangelist, and the other one – Mark Jooks, a successful man, who did not believe in God and was a die hard atheist. After 100 years a study of these two men was conducted. They found out that the descendants of Jooks multiplied only up to 560 people; 310 of them died of alcohol, 50 of them were convicted of robbery, 100 became alcoholics, 50% of the women became prostitutes, and the American government spent 1 million 250 thousand dollars on their treatment. Jonathan Edwards had 1300 descendants; 295 of them graduated from university, 100 of them became missionaries, 13 – chancellors of universities, 65 – professors, 3 – judges, 3 – senators, 3 – governors, 100 – lawyers, 56 – doctors, 75 – generals and officers in the army, 80 took high positions in the government, one of his descendants became a director of an institute. The difference is obvious – the family of Jonathan Edwards continues to this day, because its existence was built on the principles and values of the Kingdom of God, and they dedicated their lives to ministry and spreading the Kingdom of God on this earth.

So, today we also have the honor not only to spread the principles of the Kingdom of God, but also to fill the earth with them. And these principles of the Kingdom of God will change any nation; so after all only the holy remnant will live on this earth, just like in the case of Jonathan Edwards.

Today is the 17th birthday of the Embassy of God, and I prophesy to each of you that your descendants will be a blessed seed, they will continue for centuries, thanks to a righteous lifestyle and righteous principles, on which we build our lives.

We recommend the following books to study this topic deeper:
“Praise God I suffered!” by Sunday Adelaja; “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner; “Jesus Freaks” Volume 2 by dc “Talk”; “God’s Generals II” by Roberts Liardon; “Driven by eternity” by John Bevere.

May the Lord bless you and your family!

With love and prayers for you,
Senior Pastor of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations
Sunday Adelaja

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Latest News from Ukraine

We want to thank all our friends who have been praying for us the past 2 years. Thank you for your faithfulness! We pray that this would be a year of a great visitation from God bringing real breakthrough in all areas of your life.

We would like you to know the latest development here in Ukraine, especially concerning the false accusations against Pastor Sunday and our church.

Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles (Prov. 24:17)

The story we want to share with you is not an attempt to rejoice over the fall of our enemies, but on the contrary, we simply want to share with you the results of your prayers.
The former Minister of Internal Affairs, Yuriy Lutsenko, and the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, who were in the same Government, masterminded the persecution against Pastor Sunday and our church by opening those false allegations. Notice that these allegations were all made public, before interrogation of Pastor Sunday, without any evidence they threatened to send Pastor Sunday to 12 years imprisonment. After 2 years the case is still not taken to court for lack of evidence.

The latest news is that the Chief of police Lutsenko1 has just been put in prison on the same charges he falsely accused Pastor Sunday. He is been threatened to be there for 12 years, which is the same as he tried to do with Pastor Sunday, while formal Prime Minister Tymoshenko2 is under house arrest.
This is for you to know and understand the political situation in our country. Unfortunately, this is not yet a country of rule of law, it is still a country where the "big men" - politicians and the mafia groups rule. Last year, Lutsenko and Tymoshenko were powerful people, but now they are under arrest. We are very concerned about what is going on in this country generally, not only concerning Pastor Sunday's case, but in all those cases where people are put in prison on false grounds or without court decisions.

See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men. (
1 Thess. 5:15)


1. Keep on praying for Pastor Sunday and the church that all false charges would be dropped.

2. Pray for Yuriy Lutsenko and Yulia Tymoshenko that God will have mercy on them and their families and that they will come to know the living God through these circumstances.

3. Pray for the government of Ukraine, for the political situation and for peace to reign in the country.

4. Join us in faith that in 2011 Pastor Sunday will be exonerated and have the opportunity to travel again across the world.

5. Pray that righteousness and justice will rule in Ukraine.

Thank you so very much for your friendship, faithfulness and prayers! We pray that this year will be a year of God`s visitation and triumph to you and your family. May the Lord bless you in the New Year and empower you to fulfill His will on earth!

God bless!

The Administration of

The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations

Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine ex-Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko arrested, BBC, Dec 28, 2010

2Ukraine ex-PM Tymoshenko charged with misusing funds, BBC, Dec 20, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Recently in Kyiv, a little bit forgotten but still famous person, Sunday Adelaja was remembered and in the news again. Within a few months, there were no news from him and it is logical to assume how uncomfortable it must feel - the Embassy of God pastor having charges against him. (There is no need to remind ourselves of the “King’s Capital” affair which crime officers insist involves Adelaja). However, it seemed to be Adelaja and to feel uncomfortable are two incompatible situations. This weekend he led Sunday service at his church, jumping and having fun on the stage as he always used to. Meanwhile it seemed that the investigation of the “King’s Capital” affair entered the final stage. “Obozrevatel” decided to find out whether this is true or not by asking the lawyer of Sunday Adelaja, Andrew Fedur.

- Mr. Fedur said the Head of the Investigation Department Vasily Farynnik announced that after December 5 the “King’s Capital” shall be submitted to the court. Was it done?

- I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, as the police stated today, the case is not finished. The matter is that they have taken only the proven part of the charge and passed it to the court. That’s the small one, as law-enforcement officers said… Meanwhile the investigation of the case continues. This is the official version, which I’ve got to know as a layer from the documents. The materials, which have already been sent to the court, are being reviewed at this moment and I will read them as well, as the defender of one of the accused.

- When would the review of the documents be finished?

- It is hard for me to predict, because now there is a need for renewed investigation in this part and I will declare a petition on this matter. I would like to draw attention to another thing: why have some parts of the documents already been sent to the court while the investigation of the case has not been finished yet? And the problem is that 2 men have been staying under arrest for 18 months.

- Alexander Bandurchenko and Alexander Sazonov?

- No. They are directors of the “King’s Capital”. And they have been free long ago. But Kolesnikov and Golovanov are under arrest. Regarding Bandurchenko and Sazonov, as explained by former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, they cooperated with the criminal investigation, and that is why they are free. And these two - Kolesnikov and Golovanov – do not cooperate with the investigation and do not give evidence against Sunday, so that is why they are under arrest. It was said once in an interview by Lutsenko, and I think you can easily find it online. Consequently, Kolesnikov and Golovanov have been under arrest for 18 months, and as you know, according to the law, this is the time limit. Therefore, there is a problem: it is time to set them free. So the officers invented the following legal turn in order not to allow them to go free. It is possible to keep them under arrest if the completion of the investigation of “the proved part of the charge” is announced. I believe that if the lawyers of these two accused individuals (who in my opinion have been kept under arrest illegally) will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, they will absolutely win this case.

- Let’s go back to Adelaja.

- And all this is directly related to him. The reason why Kolesnikov and Golovanov are being under arrest, as Mr. Lutsenko once said, is that they do not want to give evidence against Sunday. These two simply cannot give any evidence and never will, as they do not have any information regarding illegal activity of my client Sunday.
Regarding the charges to my defendant I must say that they are absolutely absurd, pointless and inconsistent. Moreover, I am deeply convinced that the crime investigator who works on this case (and he is an expert) clearly understands that these charges do not stand up to scrutiny and there is no evidence in the case. Therefore, sooner or later the case will be closed.

- So, was Adelaja related to “King’s Capital” or not?

- No, he was not. I have already told what impressed me personally. Here is an example. When previous crime investigator was working on this case (now he is retired), the main accused said the following. He worked at the “King’s Capital” company and had a deal with contracting. He collected the money he received from the people and get some interest. In qualifying the case, he refers to the exact amounts (which are more than one thousand UAH) – it is about the money he earned. And this man is a witness. My defendant, who is accused in this case, is neither a founder nor the owner nor the co-owner of the “King’s Capital” company, - he has never worked there, even a single day, even as a janitor.

- Who is this man you are talking about?

- It is not correct to announce his name, as then I could be accused of divulging information about the pre-trial investigation. Besides, this person didn’t give me permission to release his name. In addition, such a witness as the one I’m talking about, was not alone. And I stress again that those who directly said they were collecting money are only witnesses. I think that investigators later learned that they did something wrong then but there are still some funny moments in this case.

- If Adelaja is not involved in the “King’s Capital” affair, why is he among the accused?

- Here we need to look over the entire story. If there was no Sunday’s name– the well-known and flamboyant person in Kyiv – this case would not be so high-profile. I was recently asked by journalists, who were interviewing me, whether they would come if there was no Sunday in this case. And they agreed that they would not have come because it would not be interesting. In the very beginning of the case, another interesting name figured in it.

- What name?

- Leonid Chernovetsky. But when it became clear that it is hard to make Chernovetskiy related to this case, then only Sunday was left. At that time, as people say, was a different political situation. Today, the police leadership seems to be changed but still… Do you think it is possible for police to confess that they have missed some details and there is no crime on Sunday?!

- Maybe the person whose name you cannot tell, was related to Adelaja through his church?

- Once again, I’m telling you: this man was not alone; there were a list few of them. And all of them, as it became clear during the investigation, collected the money.

- And they were related to the “Embassy of God”?

- No, they had nothing to do with Sunday. By the way, in the indictment there is no written disposition of any article on which he is accused. It means that there is not described what exact crime Sunday had done. Nonsense like Sunday used hypnosis appears only on the Internet.

- But are Kolesnikov and Golovanov, who have been under arrest, related to the “King’s Capital” or they deny it as well?

- No, they say they have not committed any crime and have never worked at the “King’s Capital”. As I know from Lutsenko’s words, they both will be kept under arrest as they do not want to cooperate with the investigation. But even if they wanted to give evidence against my defendant, they cannot do it because they do not have any information regarding the illegal actions of my client. Because otherwise they would have "cooperated" in full swing.

- I think the name of Robert Fletcher is familiar to you. He says that some of his clients he received from Sunday.

- I hear about it for the first time. I do not know the fate of Fletcher but he does not figure in the case of Sunday anyway.

- At the beginning of the interview you said, that you are going to declare a petition to renew the investigation. When will that happen?

- In the near future. To declare a petition on some investigation activities you need to learn carefully all materials.

Saturday, December 11, 2010



In an exclusive interview, made by the social movement "Voice of Truth", Andrey Fedur, a famous Ukrainian lawyer, expressed his opinion about certain episodes that took place in a criminal case against the senior pastor of the Embassy of God Church, Sunday Adelaja, proceeded in 2008.

It seems not only Ukraine but the whole world today is watching events unfolding around the Embassy of God church and its leader Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Such interest is not surprising, since Sunday Adelaja is a person of transnational scale, who took part in session with well-known and influential people of our time, and attracted attention of such leading media as the Wall Street Journal, BBC and Associated Press.

Being only an onlooker in this situation, the international community is still puzzled why the Sunday Adelaja case still exists if the fact is obvious that all the charges are inflated just like a soap bubble, without any foundation. Moreover, with a frequency of one time every three to four days national media and law enforcement agencies continue to escalate the situation around Pastor Sunday and the church in general.

Why the case of Sunday Adelaja is still not closed?

Lawyer Andrey Fedur answers one of the intriguing questions:

"In the course of the investigation materials being studied, I can tell my client has nothing to do with it. In my opinion, Pastor Sunday is still pursued today only for one simple reason: someone has found him to be a real threat. Pastor Sunday is a Head of a serious enough and powerful religious community in Ukraine. It seems someone does not like it, as well as it is not included in someone’s plans. This is my personal opinion, I am deeply convinced of it.

We have cardinally changed Government. Formerly there were some prerequisites, but for now the case of Pastor Sunday is still in progress, and there is no objective decision. I came to the next conclusion: the case is in the Sunday Adelaja person. If there had not been such a religious community today, which Sunday Adelaja leads, there wouldn’t have been so much interest in this man.

From the perspective of law, this case should have been closed long ago. During two years, investigators have not produced one piece of evidence of Pastor Sunday’s guilt. There is no guilt and cannot be. Why? Because there is no evidence of committing a crime. Pastor Sunday did not commit those crimes he is accused of. Legal investigator also understands that the charges against Pastor Sunday are futile ... "

Pastor Sunday Problem is inside of him ... I guess it is his energy, unbridled desire to reveal God to the Ukrainian people and to enlighten the eyes of Ukrainians, uncompromising, persistence and determination in achieving the desired goals. He can be a serious threat to those who used to keep people in ignorance and slavery.

In the second part of article series about lawyer Andrey Fedur opinion of the situation surrounding Pastor Sunday, you can learn why Pastor refrain from public statements and comments on the investigation, as well as which case against Pastor Sunday has already been closed and others

Movement of the “Voice of Truth "

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


(theses of the anointing service for December)

December in our church is the month of fasting, prayer and personal prayer retreat. And as Jesus’ disciples, we should learn at His feet.
Matthew 6:8-10 says: Therefore do not be like them, for your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him. Therefore pray in this way: Our Father, who is in Heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Here Jesus is teaching His disciples how to pray, or to say it right, how to pray effectively. An effective prayer is the prayer that induces action, the one that the Lord sends an answer to. In this Scripture, Jesus reveals to us the main secret that makes a prayer effective. This principle, is the corner stone on which all our prayers (including regular daily prayers), fasting and personal prayer retreats are based.

Unfortunately, as many Christians do not consider this principle (which the Lord Himself reveals to us), I could say that about 80% of all their prayers remain unanswered. The reason to that is that people either do not know this principle or do not pray according to this simple truth.

We can see the secret in verse 10: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. So what is the principle of effective prayer?

Jesus teaches us that our prayers should be concentrated and focused on praying through the things that are God’s will. The target of all our prayers should be bringing God’s will to earth, i.e. the desires of His heart.

We should always pray about the desires of God that are already in His heart or those that He wants to fulfill or has fulfilled in the spiritual world, because God’s desires will not come to earth without a prayer. Everything that God wants to see on earth starts in heaven and prayer is used to bring the desire of God’s heart to earth.

However, it often happens that we pray for and declare the desires of our own heart, our own will, asking God to fulfill them in heaven but it is supposed to be the other way around – the starting point of changes on earth is heaven, not our own will. We pray to fulfill and establish on earth the things that have been fulfilled and established in heaven. In other words, we are merely instruments in God’s hands to carry out His business on earth.

How do we become God’s instruments on earth? The most essential thing is to find out what His desire is. And then we pray for this desire to be fulfilled on earth. Examine your heart desires to make sure that everything you are praying about is meant to only glorify His name and have God’s will be fulfilled on earth!

For instance, if you are praying for good health, then it is to help you serve the Lord. If you are praying for a job, then it is not only to earn money for yourself and to fulfil your desires but to spread the Kingdom of God and establish His will. And also to spread His principles to your place of work. If you are praying for your future spouse, then you must be certain that through this marriage you want to glorify God by establishing His principles and desires. In other words we must be sure that in prayer the motives of our hearts are targeted to fulfill God’s desires on earth. If we pray that way, then the percentage of answers to our prayers will be much higher than we can only imagine.

Apostle James had this same revelation. James 4:2-4: You desire, and do not have. You murder, and are jealous, and cannot obtain. You fight and war, yet you have not because you ask not. You ask and receive not, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it upon your lusts. Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever desires to be a friend of the world is the enemy of God”.

If our prayers are concentrated on satisfying our own carnal needs and desires, then there is no chance that such prayers will be heard in heaven. This is because far above everything, God answers prayers that are targeted at fulfilling His intentions and will on earth.

James 4:13-15: Come now, those saying, Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city and spend a year there, and we will trade and will make a profit, who do not know of the morrow. For what is your life? For it is a vapor, which appears for a little time, and then disappears. Instead of you saying, If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.

In the passage above, Apostle James is telling us that we cannot dictate to God what He is to do from/in heaven. But it should be the other way round - we receive His orders. We, as obedient servants, can only listen to God’s orders/will and fulfill them on earth.

Even Jesus could not pass over this truth. John 6:38: “For I came down from Heaven, not to do My own will but the will of Him who sent Me”. Jesus announced it publicly that this is the only lifestyle He dedicated Himself to. He came only to carry out what God intended to fulfill through Him. And all His actions were focused on fulfilling the desires of the Father revealed to Him in prayer.

James 5:19: “Then Jesus answered and said to them, Truly, truly, I say to you, The Son can do nothing of Himself but what He sees the Father do. For whatever things He does, these also the Son does likewise”. In this Scripture Jesus explains His prayer. First Jesus prays for God to reveal to Him His desire, His will. Then once Jesus would see God’s will for Him, He prayed to bring it here to earth. And only after that Jesus went on and carried out the will of the Father through certain deeds.

Apostle Paul also explains to us the secret of answered prayer: “And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him” (1 John 5:14-15).

We can always have answers to our prayers if we know for sure that we are praying through God’s desires and intentions which He has seen and determined in heaven. By so praying, God answers and fulfills what we are asking for.

The most important for God is the fulfillment of His will. And only what is done to glorify and establish His Kingdom on earth counts in heaven. Imagine, Jesus does not even call His mother and brothers His own if they do not fulfill God’s will on earth. “For whoever shall do the will of My Father in Heaven, the same is My brother and sister and mother” – that is what Jesus told his disciples when they brought His mother and brothers to Him. (See Matthew 12:46-50)

So we become closer and dearer to God when we become more and more dedicated to fulfilling His will on earth, giving ourselves fully to realizing God’s programs, God’s projects, God’s desires and establishing God’s glory on earth. It is this dedication that defines our closeness to God.

If you see someone who is dedicated only to bringing the glory to the Creator: it is the person who will have authority on earth and in heaven. But whoever is trying to use God for their own interests will be “found wanting” in the sight of God
(Dan. 5:27).

God’s authority on earth and in heaven belongs to those who seek for fulfillment of God’s will on earth. May God help us that our prayers and daily actions be dedicated only to finding and fulfilling the will and desires of our Heavenly Father on earth, as it has been done in heaven.

We recommend the following books to study this topic deeper:
“Mighty Warrior” by Sunday Adelaja; “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner.

May the Lord bless you and your family!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

(theses of the anointing service for November)

I never saw, heard, nor read, that the clergy were beloved in any nation where Christianity was the religion of the country. Nothing can render them popular, but some degree of persecution. (Jonathan Swift)

The month of November in our church is called month of manifestation of the Kingdom of God. Manifesting the Kingdom of God daily in our lives is part of what we are called to by Christ. In establishing and taking the Kingdom of God to the world, we will face temptations to keep silent or be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This world have lots of reasons to reproach believers and point out the things we should be ashamed of: of the Gospel that we preach, of the leader we follow, and, after all, of the church that we go to. However, as Jesus said, if we are ashamed of Him here on earth, He will be ashamed of us there in Heaven. Temptation is unavoidable for all true believers. But any believer that does not overcome this shame cannot be a bearer of the Kingdom of God.

2 Timothy 1:8 says: Be not ashamed therefore of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but suffer hardship with the gospel according to the power of God.

Just as Apostle Paul knew much about such temptation and problem, he admonished Timothy, one of his best disciples. Being an apostle, with all humility and self-abasement, he asked him to stay with him and hold on to the confession of faith and message of the testimony of the Gospel.

Why is Paul talking about it? It was the period when Paul was imprisoned for preaching the Gospel; he was accused for something he did not do, for a crime he did not commit; and many of the so called ‘disciples’ of Paul denied him even long before his imprisonment. If you’ve heard about Paul’s ministry, then would have seen how mightily God moved through him and how the power of God strongly manifested through his ministry. But it could have been uneasy for Paul’s disciples and followers to withstand and some of them would have been tempted seeing what was happening to him. He was bound with chains for something he didn’t do. “Where is that power of God now? Where is God?” they would have asked. It would have been easy for them to allow the thought that possibly Paul had sinned or had not pleased God in something, or stumbled in something, or the other way around – that the Gospel he preached was not the true gospel, and possibly that is why God did not come to help him. It is well-known fact that our Lord Jesus Christ had similar reproaches from the warriors and guards. They reproached Him that He was not the Son of God – otherwise God would have delivered Him from all those troubles. We too face similar temptations today.

Apostle Paul realized how much temptation Timothy was going through to follow him, therefore, he did not expect Timothy to encourage him. Instead, he decided to encourage and support Timothy himself. Looking back over the centuries, we know that God allowed this situation with Apostle Paul. Through Paul’s chains God brought the Gospel to the Roman Empire, even to the Palace of Caesar; and by the word of Paul’s mouth the Gospel spread to the ends of the earth. Now we know that this story with Paul did not happen because the Gospel was not the true gospel. God knows what we do not know and we must allow God to make the decision, which He sees, because He can see better. Whatever God allows is always better and always works together for good, in all cases.

So, Apostle Paul challenges Timothy. There are several lessons in his words:

Firstly, Timothy was not supposed to be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is living and active.
Sometimes God allows evil to overcome for sometime in order to have more good. Sometimes something bad needs to happen to prevent a terrible outcome. Sometimes, God can allow a problem to deliver a greater redemption. Therefore, we might not understand what God is doing, but still we should never be ashamed of the Gospel, because the Gospel is the only true thing in this world.

Secondly, Timothy was not supposed to be ashamed of Paul as a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ and of the Gospel. It is easy to fall for a thought that God was not with Paul anymore when he became a prisoner. You should remember here that there were enemies of Paul, who used this incident as an argument that God was not with him and that the Gospel he preached was not right and that he was an impostor. In such a situation, Timothy could easily get confused – where is the truth? That is why Paul wrote to him saying that he should not be confused or ashamed of the Apostle as his teacher and mentor.

And the third instruction that we can see in this verse challenges Timothy even more. Timothy must be ready to suffer for the Gospel. It’s not only that Timothy was not supposed to be ashamed of the Gospel and God’s messenger, but he also was supposed to be ready to suffer together with Paul in this situation.
Here we should remember the words of Jesus, who tells us these golden words: “Therefore whoever shall be ashamed of Me and of My Words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man shall also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels” (Mark 8:38).

I personally believe that the Lord will take all of us, believers, through such situations, circumstances, when we will have to overcome shame and disgrace for the benefit of the Gospel. We will either deny God in such situations or endure all these troubles for His sake so that He could confess us before His Heavenly Father.
Every believer, who is not ready to endure affliction, insults, shame and disgrace for the sake of the Lord here on earth has no chance of inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. For Jesus takes no responsibility for such.

In this verse Jesus gives a clear condition applicable to every believer – not to be ashamed of Him, His Gospel, His Church and His followers.
As a confirmation to all mentioned above let me quote the words of Martin Luther King Jr., freedom fighter in America: “I submit to you that if a man has not discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live”. That is because if you are not ready to die for something, you have no point in living.
We should be ready not only to endure shame and sufferings for believing in Jesus Christ, but also be ready to die for our faith. And you must be quite certain that in this entire situation, after all, God will be glorified.

2 Timothy 1:8: Be not ashamed therefore of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but suffer hardship with the gospel according to the power of God.
The Bible says that suffering for Christ will be “according to the power of God”. In other words, His power is with us when we go through sufferings and tortures for His sake; His power is with us to go through affliction and shame; His power is with us to go through death if we have to.

Philippians 3:8, 10: But no, rather, I also count all things to be loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord… that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable to His death.

These words of Apostle Paul make it clear that he consciously went for such a sacrifice for the sake of the Gospel and fulfillment of his calling. He counted all things to be loss and he gave up everything he had for the sake of knowing the power of God.

This Scripture also points out that if we are not ready to suffer for God, we won’t be able to know His power. If we are not ready to endure affliction and shame for Him, God’s power will never manifest in us and we will not be able to have such a relationship with Him that would allow God to use us.
So, for Jesus to confess us before His Heavenly Father, we need to be ready to confess Him without shame here on earth whatever it costs us.
May the Lord help us, especially in our situation to pass this examination; so that Jesus could testify about us before His Heavenly Father and that He would not be ashamed of us in the latter days.

We recommend you to read the following books in order to study this topic deeper: “Church Shift” by Sunday Adelaja; “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner.

May the Lord bless you and your family!